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Wayne Township Landfill Rail Siding

Rail Yard

A five track rail siding has been constructed off the Norfolk Southern rail line which goes through the Wayne Township Landfill's (WTL) property in McElhattan, PA. The rail siding gives the WTL another transportation option for incoming and outgoing materials. Since WTL is also located next to the Clinton County Industrial Park, the rail siding will also give the local businesses an opportunity to ship or receive their commodities directly by rail. Companies involved in the development of the Marcellus shale play may also see a benefit utilizing this facility.

The rail siding has a potential of increasing the daily waste capacity by 500 tons. Containerized waste will be received at the rail siding site and then the containers will be loaded onto trucks for disposal at the working face of the landfill. All unloading activities will be performed within the permitted boundary of the landfill. The WTL is the only landfill in Pennsylvania to construct a rail siding.

The innovation and foresight of the current landfill's management team has allowed the tipping fees to remain the same for more than a decade and lower than they were 15 years ago. WTL supports Wayne Township and Clinton County through the host community and county fees and supports many local organizations through contributions and sponsorships. Additional revenue provided by the rail siding will have a direct correlation on the amount the local Township and County receive.

Transporting waste by rail can be cost efficient, more environmentally friendly, and will minimize risk factors that are involved when transporting waste by roadways. The amount of waste being shipped by rail is expected to increase as normal transportation costs continue to rise.

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