Gas Industry Services

Gas Industry Services

The oil and gas industry must dispose of waste in accordance with various laws and regulations of federal, state and local governments. Wayne Township Landfill environmental solutions and management services exceed the needs of the oil and gas industry, enabling uninterrupted operation in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

Wayne Township Landfill understands that gas and oil exploration companies conduct long-term business interests that are tightly intertwined with the environment and the communities in which they service, achieving successful results and safety between energy production and environmental protection.

Wayne Township Landfill maintains effective communication and understands the needs of each client and as such, offers a variety of focused services including:

  • On-site and off-site waste management
  • Sawdust for waste solidification
  • Reporting and tracking of materials
  • Permitting and compliance assistance

Waste Disposal

The Authority is available for the disposal of Marcellus Natural Gas industry waste. All gas industry waste requires the approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP), depending on the waste, testing may be required
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Waste Hauling

The Authority is available for hauling both solid and liquid Marcellus Natural Gas industry waste streams. The Authority owns a number of roll-off containers both open and closed top for your hauling needs, please contact the Authority for your hauling needs.
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Other Services

The Authority offers many other services to assist with your Marcellus Natural Gas industry needs. A summary of our "Other Services" is provided...
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