About Wayne Township Landfill

The Clinton County Solid Waste Authority owns and operates the Wayne Township Landfill located in McElhattan, PA under Waste Disposal Permit No. 100955. The landfill was originally permitted in 1973 and was re-permitted in 1990 due the Municipal Waste Management Regulations promulgated on April 9, 1988. The new regulations resulted in the construction of a new, state of the art, Subtitle D landfill. The Authority recently has received permit approval to redevelop our closed landfill into a 75 acre lined Subtitle D site, providing 23 years additional disposal capacity.

Community Focus

The Clinton County Solid Waste Authority is committed to reducing, reusing, recycling and managing solid waste in ways that serve and preserve the local community.

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Gas To Energy

The Wayne Township Landfill's commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling is evidenced by our landfill gas (LFG) recovery system.

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